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Identify your needs

Here is a quick overview and few tips to enable you to conduct your seasonal rental search in good conditions and thus successfully complete your holiday stay.
You lean for a distant island, for a little corner of paradise in Spain or Italy or just for France? Why not. But it is still necessary to find the locality and the house or the flat that correspond to your expectations. It is not so easy.
Because, by definition, furnished seasonal rental, offered by private individuals, does not offer standardized accommodation such as in hotels or tourist residences. Each housing is therefore different.
To carry out your search, you must act methodically by defining your requirements.
It goes without saying that the characteristics of the accommodation must take into account the number of people who will occupy it (don’t forget animals!) and the comfort you expect in terms of equipment, storage and facilities (garden, terrace , view...).
The location of the rental is also very important. If you prefer the proximity to shops and services, accommodation can also be noisy. On the other hand, if it is farther away, you will gain in peace but perhaps you will have to use your car for the slightest trip ...


Do not rely, a priori, on general descriptions such as "very well located", "five minutes from the sea" or "very beautiful view". Decree No. 67-128 of 14 February 1967 punishes with penal sanctions "any person who, on the occasion of a seasonal rental or an offer to rent seasonally furnished premises, for the purpose of habitation, will have provided obviously inaccurate information about the condition of the building, the consistency and the inventory, the elements of comfort or furnishings ".
The sanctions can be applied to the owner of the house as well as to any other person (real estate agent, for example) who takes care of the rental. Remains that for the owner or intermediary, the fine is not very dissuasive (maximum € 762).
In short, do not content yourself with a paper description too exciting, or a rather flattering photo ad. Ask for more information about the comfort and equipment of the accommodation.
Obviously, you go on vacation and your stay will, in fact, be limited in time. This is not a reason to accept rundown furniture or kitchen items in poor condition.

The best is still to imperatively demand the legal description of the places that will allow you to better judge the whole housing.

Accommodation description

If you are interested in a rental, the owner or agency must provide you with a description of the accommodation you are considering renting. Indeed, any seasonal rentalman, whether professional or private individual, is required to provide a detailed description of the leased premises prior to signing the contract (decree of 16 May 1967).
A standard form is compulsory for dwellings classified " tourism furnished " while professionals are allowed to use a document in use in the profession. Provided of course that it includes all the information imposed by the legislation.
The description should provide three categories of information:
- the accommodation itself, the comfort, the different elements of equipment,
- the situation in the locality,
- the conditions of rental prices and terms of payment.
This description constitutes a proposal but does not have the value of a contract.

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